Learn The Right Way To Reset Your Metabolism & Hormones After 40 On The
After more than a decade of working with hundreds of moms who were sick and tired of trying EVERYTHING to lose the weight... 

I created the ONLY training and nutrition system designed specifically for moms who want to transform their metabolism for permanent fat loss and get photoshoot-ready… In as little as 90 days!

No obsessing over calories, no dieting, no endless cardio and no BS - just proven scientific principles used by thousands of moms over the last 13 years of Sheila’s experience and research.
  • ​90 days of done-for-you tasty and varied meal plans with exact macros and calories, tailored to your needs, metabolism, goals and personal preferences.
  • ​90 days of done-for-you workouts, listing exact sets, reps, tempo, rest periods, etc…. For both at-home and in the gym!
  • ​​Private 1-1 access to Sheila’s VIP coaching inbox to get any of your questions answered... Fast.
  • ​​A 100% done-for-you plan you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life to get amazing and lasting results… For which the regular price is $97.

$97 $47

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Created For Quick Results AND Long-term Success

Combining science-backed techniques used by thousands of moms into fun, challenging workouts that take less than 20 minutes.

 13 Years Of Research And 1000s Of Transformations

Put an end to the guesswork, weight yoyoing and frustration because nothing seems to work with a proven and sustainable systems that was made for YOU.

Guaranteed Results In 90 Days or It’s Free!

Email my support team within 90 days of signing up and get a full refund, no questions asked. We can even stay friends and you can keep the program. :)

This is how Our Moms Lose An Average Of 22 Pounds And 10% Body fat quickly AND safely

... BUT most importantly, sustained those results and continued to stay amazingly lean. See Full Disclaimer Below. Results are of course not typical and vary by individual. These are real client results. 
Tina Lost 8% Body fat As A Full-time Mom Of 3 Boys!
Tanya Lost 30 Pounds As A 40-Year-Old Mom Of Twins!
Jessica Lost Her Stubborn Belly Fat As A Mom Of 2!
Tas Lost 12 Pounds Eating 2000+ Calories Daily!
Tina Lost 8% Body fat As A Full-time Mom Of 3 Boys!
Tash Lost 30 Pounds In 40 Months As A Mom Of 4!
Amy Lost 15 Pounds And Has Kept It Off Since!
Richelle Lost 12 Pounds In 3 Months At Age 43!
Tamara Lost All Her Fat While Eating More!

Discover How This 41-year-old Mom Of 4 Stays “Athlete Lean” Year-round by keeping her metabolism running like it did 20 years ago!

Hi! 😊 I’m Sheila.

I’m not an Ivy-league researcher with PhDs to my name.

I’m not an expert marketer who knows how to write fancy ads to get your attention.

And I’m sure not trying to claim that I have all the answers.


I’ve been a leading metabolism expert for moms in their 30s and 40s and 50's for the last 13+ years...

As well as a married, 41-year-old mom of 4 young daughters just trying to be the best I can be.

While many of you know me as the “fit” mom you see in that picture, it didn't always feel like this.

I know what it’s like to hit “rock bottom” as a mom.

I remember a time when I couldn’t have felt more depressed and disgusted with myself…

Because no matter how hard I tried to do the “right” things…

Like cutting my calories to 1200…

Keto, atkins, paleo, diet shakes…

Yoga, crossfit, weight training and going on long runs every day...

You name it…

I didn't feel good in my skin and noticed that my body was not changing  

I remember constantly feeling hungry, frustrated and deeply embarrassed that I just wasnt following through...

Embarrassed that I always put my needs before everyone else’s, yet couldn’t show up for myself.

Embarrassed that I had to pretend to be happy, when I couldn’t have felt more depressed inside.

Embarrassed that I was avoiding social situations and living in stretchy tights in a failed attempt to hold on to the sliver of confidence I had left.

Embarrassed that I couldn’t get myself out of bed in the morning.

Embarrassed that I had allowed myself to pour from an empty cup for far. too. long.

It all started 3 years ago, during the birth of my last daughter.

I had hit my breaking point.

What once was an elite-level college and nationally trained athlete…

Was now drained, unconfident and a grossed-out mess I barely recognized.

And while I desperately hoped someone would wake me up from this neverending nightmare…

That I would stumble upon a YouTube video, blog article or fitness trainer that would finally make sense to me…

I knew only I could save me.

I had to find a way out… Or risk passing on the same destructive patterns to my daughters.

But where could I start?

I had already tried EVERYTHING to look and feel like I had 20 years ago.

Strict, restrictive diet plans that I could never sustain (check)

Random fit classes (check)

Fasting (check)

Treadmill cardio and running (check)

Weekly classes and crossfit (check)

Training 2x a day like I did as an elite athlete (check)

And while I did see some results with a few strategies, they were so unsustainable that they never lasted for more than a week…

Always leaving me exhausted, hungry and deprived of willpower when the day had barely started.
“MONDAY will be the day”, I would tell myself.

And so I would start off all excited and motivated and last until Wednesday…

Fizzle by Thursday and then feel crappy that I didn't follow through yet again.

I would then fall off track and go a week without doing anything consistently and the cycle would begin again.

Until the 10th time came and realized I was just fooling myself.

It sure felt as if I’d never be able to find my self-confidence again.

How could moms who work their butts off day in, day out, see no results…

While others can eat whatever they want…

And I mean a tub of Ben and Jerry's every night…

Yet still look like they’re ready for a bikini contest year-round?

Is it age?


Daily cardio?

Diet pills?


The latest crossfit meets yoga P90X workout program?

A new crash diet of the week like Keto?

And most importantly, how could biology make this so unfair?

Shouldn’t mother nature love us all equally?

After all, we’ve been putting in the work…

Following all the latest tips from these young fitness influencers who haven’t endured even half of what us moms go through on a daily basis.

Shouldn’t we have already cracked the code by now?!

And with so much BS, misinformation and conflicting advice, like:

“It’s all about the caloric deficit”

“Just do more cardio”

“Keto is the holy grail of weight loss”

“As long as it’s within your macros”

“Workout MORE to see results”

“Carbs are terrible for you”

“Fruit sugar is even worse”

It’s enough to drive anyone insane…

Let alone with parenting, when you have kids who depend on you 24/7.

It’s like making that struggle times ten.

When are us moms going to wake up and stop banging our heads against the wall expecting a different result each time?

Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

Instead of giving up, I went ALL IN.

Promising myself that I would crack the code to sustainable fat loss and restoring your metabolsim for moms no matter what it would take…
And I would never have to feel uncomfortable in my skin again.

Boy, was I in for a ride.

I spent hours, days, weeks and even months going through every research article and study performed on the female body, looking for the answer.

I starting learning from the best in the industry...

And finally discovered the 3 truths that had held me back for so long…

And now have set me free.

Truth #1: It’s not your fault

After all, I knew in the back of my mind that I had tried my best.

And if you’re reading this, I’m sure you can say the same.

But with the daily obligations that come with having children who need your attention 24/7…

On top of maintaining a full-time job at work...

It feels impossible to put in the hours of cooking and exercise most programs demanded each day, without taking away from my demands as a mom.

That’s when it clicked:

Why had I been following generic fitness advice that may have been ok years ago when I was 20, had no kids, and very responsibilities.

I didn’t have 3-4 hours each day to prepare “healthy” meals, and train twice a day to workout.

And I definitely wasn’t ready to spend the rest of my life starving myself to look like a fitness model.

I just want to feel and look fit, lean and healthy again.

Nothing crazy.

So I threw away all the generic advice…

And knew I had to find something that was realistic for my current lifestyle and body.

Truth #2: Your metabolism is getting slower every year.

Your metabolism is like a fire.

What happens when you add wood to that fire?

It gets bigger.

That’s exactly what happens when instead of restricting yourself, you eat more good, nourishing foods.

Your body gets the energy it needs so it can focus on getting stronger in the gym…

And ultimately show up confident, sexy and vibrant for your family and friends.

Unfortunately, most moms don’t know this.

So instead, they deprive themselves of food, which is like removing wood from the fire.

And while they’ll lose a bit of weight (mostly water) at first…

Their metabolism comes crashing to a halt.

And the moment they decide to give up the diet because they’re tired of going to bed hungry?

They end up gaining the weight back, and then some.

And while you may blame yourself for slipping up, it really wasn’t your fault.

You were set to fail from the start with a “one size fits all” strategy that only slowed down your metabolism for short-term results.

Truth #3: Stop starving yourself

As we discovered, whenever we cut calories, go on the new fad diet of the week or try to starve ourselves for short-term results, our metabolism takes a hit.

So what should you focus on instead?

If the answer isn’t to limit our food intake as much as possible, then what’s most important is to increase our metabolism…

Your body’s ability to burn calories throughout the day…

So we can actually eat MORE, without gaining weight.

And while experts used to believe that the key was to go on looooong runs to do so…

Studies are increasingly showing that building lean muscle is the most powerful way to restore you metabolism and actually change your body.  It is the key to boosting your metabolism for the long-term, while saving your hours each day.

This was life changing for me....and now I have put together everything I have learned. There’s no guesswork because I’ve figured out the entire system for you. I’m revealing what to eat, how to train and what supplements to take to maximize results in minimal time. 

This is not a program where you live in the can be done from home or the gym. 

Our regimented system addresses how to TRULY build lean muscle so you can restore your metabolism, sustain your fat loss results and finally build a body you love..

I had found my old “me” again.

I stopped feeling sluggish all the time.

I didn’t feel debilitatingly hungry as I went to bed.

And for the first time in a 7 years, I felt confident, happy and fulfilled.

Because I could finally show off my new, lean body without feeling uncomfortable in my skin...

And while most moms would think this is impossible...

You can reset your metabolism to work like it did 20 years ago.

When we could eat whatever we wanted and still look fit and feel great.

When we didn’t have to hide behind layers of baggy clothes just to feel comfortable around people.

When we didn’t have to go to bed starving, hoping that tomorrow would be different.

However, you’ll first have to throw away all the false information you’ve likely gathered over the years, which has likely done more harm than good.

Because You can eat more, train less and build an amazing body...

I created it for moms like you and I who are tired of the lies and false information being tossed around on social media without ownership.

If you’re ready to stop seeing your weight go up and down every month…

Or worse, slowly but surely creeping up every year...

Join me and hundreds of other moms for the next 90 days, where I’ll take you by the hand and show you exactly how to train, eat and love yourself so you can boost your metabolism for permanent fat loss…

And reconnect with your self-confidence so you can be fully present with your kids, friends and family…

Without the constant thoughts of “not being good enough” in the back of your mind all the time.

If you’re tired of feeling hungry, tired and gross, this 90-day challenge is for you.

If that’s you, here’s everything you get when you join the 90-day challenge today:

If that’s you, here’s everything you get when you join the 90-day challenge today:


You will get proven metabolic lean muscle building program, specifically designed to reset the female metabolism and hormones, while helping to sculpt your KEY areas... Like your booty, thighs and abs. Every workout will take around 30-40 minutes or less and can be done from home...


While getting toned and setting your metabolism on fire is made working out, your abs and body fat percentage are made in the kitchen. But, as a busy mom, I know how little time you have to prepare meals or go shopping...

Which is why I've eliminated all the guesswork and will tell you exactly what, how much and when to eat in my all inclusive 90-day meal plan and nutrition guide to help you implement a sustainable approach and a healthy relationship to food.


After working with thousands of women, I've discovered that the biggest reason most gain the weight back has EVERYTHING to do with their belief mindset! That's why I'm going to give you lifetime access to the same mindset library I use for my clients who pay me upwards of $500 per month to train with me... So you can transform the way you see yourself, and the way you look for good.


Multiple times a week, I’ll personally check in our private Facebook Community to see how your progress is going, and to keep you motivated with new tips. PLUS, you’ll be able to ask me any question about training, hormones, nutrition and life you may have for the entirety of the challenge! This is usually reserved for my private clients who pay me up to $500 per month to work with me, but you’re getting this as part of the challenge when you sign up on this page.


When you join the challenge today on this page, you're also going to get your hands on the time saving cheatsheet that has been the secret weapon for so many women who've completed the challenge, because it eliminates all doubts, confusion and overwhelm! Here's how it works: I'll give you your workout for every single day, and you just have to put it into your 90-Day Challenge Calendar and implement it! And if you ever miss a day, don't beat yourself up: Just pick back up where you left off the next day.


While the 90-Day Challenge is all you really need to sculpt, tone and build up your "key areas" like your booty, legs, and abs, I wanted to throw in something extra for those of you who want to GIVE IT YOUR ALL and maximize your results over the next 90 days... And there's really nothing like my 5-minute booty finishers which my personal clients use to add inches to there booty in a matter of weeks. Give them a try and thank me later. :)


Now I know having personal access to me as well as access to a community of thousands of other women will be MORE THAN enough to keep you motivated for the next 90 days... But I'm always looking for ways to give you that extra bit of leverage so you not only get good results, but a total body transformation! That's why at the end of the challenge, I'm personally going to PayPal $1,000 to the best before and after transformation, as well as other prizes for the top 3 transformations!

Now the 90-Day Challenge usually goes for $297…

Now the 90-Day Challenge usually goes for $297…

But when you sign up and save your spot TODAY, you’ll get EVERYTHING for…

But when you sign up and save your spot TODAY, you’ll get EVERYTHING for…

$97 $47

$97 $47

(NO subscriptions or monthly charges.)
Order Online: Any Country, Any Time 24 Hours A Day / 7 Days A Week / 365 Days A Year
Your Order is Secure and Guaranteed

Your order is risk-free because of our lifetime no questions asked guarantee.

But Sheila, Wait! Why is this ONLY $47!?

Because my mission is to put this in the hands of as many busy moms and career-driven women as possible, and I don't want your budget to hold you back from feeling confident in your body again. However, the 90-day challenge won't remain discounted for long, and I'll bring the price back to the original price soon.

Lasting Results Or Your Money Back!

If you show up every day and do the work you’ll come out lighter, healthier, stronger and a more confident you! And if you don't, then you can send me an email with proof that you stepped up everyday and I'll gladly refund every penny. Pretty simple. But if you're like hundreds of past women, this experience will transform your health, your body and your life!

Backed By Thousands Of Reviews, Comments And Transformations

Case Study #1

Meet Tanya

Learn How Tanya, a 40 Year old mom of twins reignited her metabolism, LOST 30lbs and found her STRONG 

Result: Tanya, 40 yearly old, mom
Of twins..was not prioritizing herself has lost over 30 lbs, gained confidence, prioritizes herself, and has totally transformed her body.

Training 4x week, fuelling her body the right way, being a role model for her twins:)

Case Study #2


See how Tina, a mom of 3 young boys found a way to prioritize herself and completely transform her body…

Result: Mom of 3 young boys Was running half marathons, was not looking after herself, never thought she would see abs again after 3 kids..

Lost 10lbs, dropped 8% body fat, Feels amazing and is eating over 2200 Calories a day a getting leaner:)

Case Study #3


See how Tash, mom of 4, eliminated her migraines, lost 30lbs and In 4 months..

Result: Mom of 4 - full time career and in school, Came in exhausted and had constant migraines. Was not showing up for her kids and felt like she was Lost with food and how to train to Change her body.

Lost over 30lbs. No longer has migraines,
Feels she is has the energy to be present with her kids

Case Study #4

Meet Tasleem

See how Tasleem, mom of 2, broke free from restrictive dieting, lost 12lbs and is now Eating over 2000 calories a day!

Result: Was struggling with food and feeling so restricted in the past. Was constantly tired, dealing with past issues from a car accident..

Felt weak and wanted to feel strong and Change her body composition.
Lost 12 lbs, has focused on getting stronger and is eating over 2000 Calories a day now and maintaining her weight.

Case Study #5

Meet Amy

See how Amy, mom of 3, finally found a sustainable routine, lost 15lbs and has kept it off!

Result: Mom of 3, Was struggling with motivation and time. Lost 15lbs, had way more energy, and feel like this is now a lifestyle for her..

Case Study #6

Meet Jessica

See how Jessica mom of 2, found the time to prioritize herself and burn off stubborn belly fat

Case Study #7

Meet Tamara

Tamara, mom of 3 restored her metabolism, transformed her body eating more and training less..

Result: Mom of 3, Was struggling with motivation and time. Lost 15lbs, had way more energy, and feel like this is now a lifestyle for her..

Case Study #8

Meet Richelle

See how Richelle mom of 2, lost 12lbs in 90 Days training less than 2 hours a week..

43 old mom, Richelle lost 12 lbs and can in 3 months and got rid of belly fat for good

Case Study #9


See How Sarah, a 42 Year Old Mom of 2 Lost 22lbs in 3 months and now feels her best self again 

Case Study #10

Meet Anna

See How Anna, mom of 4 created a sustainable routine and lost her belly for good

Case Study #11


See How 40 year old, Crystal, Mom of 4 found her Inner athlete again 

About Sheila Strong

 Sheila created the Metabolic Method because she understands that finding the time to focus on your health can seem almost impossible. Add to the fact that our metabolism and hormones change so much after having kids and we are constantly bombarded with fads, gimmicks, and the next big solution, figuring out what to do can seem overwhelming. Being a mom of 4 wonderful girls herself, over 13 years of working as a Kinesiologist and personal trainer, operating her own private health and wellness studios, being a former college and professional athlete, it became Sheila's mission to start changing conversations around being a mom and building an amazing body you are proud of. 

After having her 3rd daughter and turning 40, Sheila noticed her metabolism and body changed a lot. She no longer felt good in her skin and really wanted to feel like her best self again. Sheila found it frustrating that we are led to believe that if you are a mom or you are over 40 it is all down hill from there and no longer possible to have any amazing body that you feel proud of. 

This inspired Sheila to create the Metabolic Method. This protocol is this exact method she used to restore her metabolism, build her best body, and sustain it after having 4 daughters. (Who are 7, 5, 3, and under 1). She has also successfully taken over 500 hundred moms through this personalized protocol and has made it her mission to teach you that with a clear plan, you are in complete control of fixing your metabolism, and building an amazing body, and sustaining it! 
Sheila xo
Find YOUR Strong!

About Sheila Strong

Sheila Townsend (ask Sheila Strong) is a Mother of 3, a Exercise Kinesiologist and Womens Fat Loss Expert. She is the owner of Prime Personal Training, one of the largest personal training and wellness teams in Vancouver, Canada.

With over 12 years of professional experience in the fitness and wellness industry and a former professional basketball player, Sheila is most famous for simplifying womens (especially moms) weight loss and empowering them to STEP UP and be the healthy and strong women they are meant to be.

Sheila loves to empower women to get their health and body back - even when they didn’t think it was possible - and now she is on a mission to share her proven Step Up to Shape Up Method and see more women transform their lives in a major way!
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